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Inside Medical Technology

11. - 12. April 2018 // Nürnberg, Germany

Dieses Programm bieten MT-CONNECT und MedTech Summit 2018.

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Frugale Innovationen in der Medizin

Urine Malaria Test (UMT) – democratizing malaria testing Vortragssprache Englisch Simultanübersetzung Deutsch

Malaria remains one ofthe most deadly and wrongly diagnosed diseases on the planet. Early diagnosis makes the difference between life and death. For most people, current lab tests are not even an option. The Fyodor Urine Malaria Test (UMT) innovation is the first and only non-blood test that teils within minutes if a fever is malaria, using only a few drops of urine.

We all know that malaria is widespread and deadly, very deadly: across 95 countries, over 200 million cases and close to half-a-million deaths every year. But, did you know that malaria may have killed half the people who have ever lived? Fever is a sign of malaria, but many other diseases cause fever, so early diagnosis within the first 48 hours of fever makes the difference between life and death. Did we know that until now, anyone in a malaria endemic area with a fever must go to a lab or clinic for a blood test to tell if the fever is due to malaria or not, several hours long experience? Much like pregnancy tests used to be, malaria tests today require blood draw, takes a lot of time and cost for the patient to get to the clinic, and several hours to receive the results. Did we know that for most people in malaria endemic countries, this is not even an option?

Welcome the Fyodor Urine Malaria Test (UMT) - the first and only non-blood dipstick test that tells within 25 minutes if a fever is malaria, and works just like a pregnancy test. Now, with just a few drops of urine, a patient can quickly identify if they need malaria treatment, to save lives at scale. The UMT innovation removes the guesswork in malaria diagnosis, and changes the cost equation, user experience and risk in malaria diagnosis in Africa,  driving a move away from health facility-based care approach to a home-/individual user-based testing, to save lives at scale.

My presentation will discuss the UMT innovation from discovery, preclinical development, pivotal clinical trial to commercialization, the power of collaborations in validating global health innovations, and the potential impact of the UMT on the global effort to eliminate malaria in our life time.

Please join us to see that never again would anyone, anywhere die from malaria because the disease was not diagnosed early enough, or was mis-diagnosed. Never! This is the power of the UMT!

--- Datum: 12.04.2018 Uhrzeit: 09:20 Uhr - 09:40 Uhr Ort: Saal Brüssel II, NCC Mitte


Dr. Eddy C.  Agbo

Dr. Eddy C. Agbo

Chairman & CEO, Fyodor Biotechnologies / Fyodor Biotechnologies


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